Viper Sanitisation For Our Pools

The Viper range delivers effective sanitisation and filtration, from traditional mineral sanitisation to auto-dosing and an advanced ultra-low chlorine alternative. The ultra-low chlorine system incorporates copper and silver ionisation combined with oxidation by Naked Freshwater to provide safe, healthy fresh water.

Here are the components of our Viper filtration packages, available and suitable for all our pools.

Viper Mineral System For Precast Pools


Viper+ For Precast Pools

Includes above Viper Mineral components + automated pH dosing system:

pH Logix Dosing Controller
  • Automatically doses and maintains safe pH/acid levels
  • Protects pool surface & equipment from scale and corrosion
  • Prevents pH from fluctuating out-of-balance
  • Strong and durable commercial grade peristaltic tube & roller
  • No probe or calibration required
  • Never overdose your pool again.

Viper Premium For Precast Pools

Includes above Viper+ components, except with Naked Freshwater Control Unit + Ion & Oxi Cell


Naked Freshwater Control Unit + Ion & Oxi Cell
  • Manages current to the Ion & Oxi Cell
  • Copper & silver anodes release ions into the water
  • Silver disinfects the water
  • Copper prevents algae growth
  • Oxidisation produces untraceable amounts of chlorine to remove other contaminates.

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