Can decking and other surrounds be fixed to the pool?

Yes. We have specifically designed the pool to accommodate the addition of decking and concrete surrounds. Our thickened chamfered edge gives our customers flexibility for fixings as well. Please ensure you check and comply with manufacturer requirements for any such fixings or additions.

Can the pools be placed partly out of ground?

Yes. Our Precast Pools are purpose-built to be self-supporting structures. This enables you to have them installed completely in ground, half in ground or completely out of ground (assuming the geotechnical characteristics of the site are suitable).

Do I need building approval?

Yes. Every swimming pool in Australia requires approval, generally either with a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) issued by a private certifier or with a traditional development approval through Council. A geotechnical report must be provided for every pool to satisfy certification requirements.

If your property is zoned for building with a CDC, you may be able to obtain building approval in as little as 24 hrs. To assist you with the CDC process, we have teamed up with east coast certifiers, Buildcert, who can assist you through the entire approval and certification process from start to finish, with fixed pricing for our precast pool customers. Here's some further info from Buildcert:

If your property is zoned such that a CDC is not an option, then you need to lodge a development application with Council and obtain Council's approval. This may take several weeks, depending on your local Council's turnaround.

Who are licensed installers of the pools?

Precast Pools has a panel of approved & licensed installers Australia-wide, with whom you contract directly for your install. All installers have been subjected to a thorough review process for suitability to install our precast pool product.

How do I keep my pool clean?

The pool filtration systems acts to clean the water, and large items of debris collect in the skimmer box. You can attach a handheld vacuum into this system also. For an automated cleaning product, we recommend the Hayward Tigershark QC. Contact your local Reece Irrigation & Pools store for more info.

Can the pools be integrated with a heating system?

Yes. All pools come with the ability to integrate with a heating system. We size the heat pumps specifically for each site.