A Market-Leading Innovation by Bel Air Pools

Our concrete precast pool offering brings unmatched quality, service and professionalism to the precast pool market.

Bel Air Pools designs, manufactures & distributes pools to customers.

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Reece Irrigation & Pools distributes pools to Reece account holders.

How the Process Works

See how your project is managed seamlessly end-to-end.

What You Do
What We Do
  • Quote: We will arrange a site attendance & assessment either by our staff or one of our qualified subcontractors, and you'll be provided a formal quote covering both supply of the pool and the install.
  • Construction: We procure construction of your custom precast pool here in Australia, in a controlled environment.
  • Site Preparation: Our staff and subcontractors handle the site excavation and preparation.
  • Delivery & Install: We coordinate with you on delivery, craning, install and commissioning of your pool.
  • Warranty: We provide a 10yr guarantee on finishes (tiling & coping) + a 5yr guarantee on everything else.

Our Mission

Every home deserves a brilliant pool. Our innovative pools are:

  Made from high density precast concrete

They’re built in a controlled environment, eliminating the risk and limitations of the traditional on-site build process.

  Fully custom tiled at an affordable price point

A range of design options are available and we exclusively use Spanish tile.

  Completely installed in less than 72 hrs

Our pools can be crane lifted into position and installed with ease. This allows complete flexibility of pool location and ease of install with minimal disruptions to site.

  Operated by the best quality filtration on the market

We exclusively use Henden quality filtration equipment.

  Guaranteed to last

We provide a 10yr guarantee on finishes and incorporate market leading adhesive and grout products for maximum lifespan on materials.

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