Affordable quality. Exceptional finishes. Installed in under 72hrs.

Our plunge pools deliver the exceptional experience of a high-end custom concrete pool, without compromise. The advantages of building with us include:

  Quality construction

Our pools are made in Australia from high density precast concrete in a controlled environment, eliminating the risk and limitations of the traditional on-site build process.

  Affordable luxury

Customers choosing precast can expect a 35% cost saving compared to an equivalent quality custom pool, plus the luxury of complete internal tiling. We use only high-end Spanish tile and imported stone.

  Integration with surrounds

Precast Plunge Pools are carefully designed to work with decking, other surrounds or standalone. They can be in-ground, or partly or wholly out-of-ground.

  Fast install

Our pools can be crane lifted into position and fully installed with ease in under 72hrs (including excavation). This means we can be on and off site quickly with minimal disruption.

  Guaranteed to last

We provide a 10yr guarantee on finishes and incorporate market leading adhesive and grout products for maximum lifespan on materials.




A market-leading collaboration between Bel Air Pools & Reece


Bel Air Pools logo

Bel Air Pools designs and manufactures the pools.

Reece Irrigation & Pools Logo

Reece Irrigation & Pools distributes and is responsible for installation.